Are you ever standing in warrior II thinking, “this is so boring!”? You probably aren’t alone.

At first, yoga is exciting. It’s this what can seem like crazy arrangement of movements, probably mostly foreign-feeling, that keeps mind and body moving. In the beginning I think we keep reaching for these instances, too. As we become more practiced introductory classes begin to feel easier, and we think that we just need to keep training to be able to attain harder and more challenging poses. We just need to keep moving whether it be in mind or body, upward or outward or downward or. . . anything! The mind just wants something to do.

At some point in our yoga practice we probably all feel bored. That’s because yoga is providing us with stillness and our bodies and minds are so used to having a constant to do that it can be hard to stop.

So the next time you feel this way, try pausing for an extra breath, relax your shoulders, and just be where you are. Maybe from that place you can start to witness the mental unloading that’s happening.