I recently completed the Hypnobabies birth course with Heather McCullough in Evanston. It was truly amazing. A very well-rounded birthing class with the added information on hypnotic anesthesia for relief during labor.


If you aren’t sure about hypnosis, think of it more as guided meditation. Over the 6 week course you and your partner learn how to enter this meditative state, your partner guides you there, so that you can experience your birth in a different way. Hypnosis, when used as a birthing tool, gives you more control over the sensations that you feel and the way that you respond to them. It does take practice though!

Heather is an incredible birth educator. She is a trained mid-wife and works as one part of a two-doula team. She knows seemingly everything there is to know about birth, and recently became a certified Evidence Based Birth instructor. Her website is: hmbirth. Even if you don’t practice the hypnosis, this course is still well worth taking because of the in-depth content and the practice with birthing positions that you will receive.