Doula Services

Continuous labor support is shown to improve outcomes for both you and your baby. In research studies it has been shown that the labor support from a doula, someone that you and your family aren’t connected to and who is not a hospital staff member, has unique benefits:

Doula labor support is strongly tied to a 31% decrease in the use of Pitocin,

a 28% decrease in the risk of a Cesarean, 

a 12% increase in the likelihood of spontaneous vaginal birth, 

a 9% decrease in the use of any medications for pain relief,

a 14% decrease in the risk of newborn admission to the special care nursery,

and a 34% decrease in the risk of being dissatisfied with the birth experience. 

(Klaus MH, Kennell JH, Klaus PH. “Longer-term benefits of doula support.” Chapter 6, in The Doula Book, 3rd Edition. Da Capo Press, A Division of Perseus Books Group, Boston, Mass. 2012.)


I am currently becoming certified as a doula through DONA International and I work as a labor support doula through Birthwaysinc. If you are looking to hire a doula, I would love to serve you!

Typically birth doula support will consist of 2 prenatal visits where we will address any questions you may have, massage techniques, and rehearse positions for labor and birth; the length of your labor; and one postnatal visit where we can review your birth story, breastfeeding, and answer any other questions you might have.


Please contact me with questions regarding doula services, or reach out to Birthways directly.

You can view my doula match profile here to check my availability.


“Emily provided me and my husband with one-on-one emotional & educational support to have the most positive birthing experience possible” – Megan and Matt Kreis, 2017